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Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned genealogist, you’ll find lots of material here to assist you on your journey to discovery.

I’m excited to give back to the genealogical community with tips, tricks, suggestions, trainings and more.  In addition, I will be creating books and journals to keep you organized, help you grow as a genealogist, and assist with writing prompts for auto-biographies and help with family interviews. 

I have added writing and publishing biographies to my long list of services if that’s something that interests you. Click the “Services” button at the home page to review some of the services I offer.

Please be sure to stop by “About Us” to view the courses I’ve taken, the one’s I’m in the midst of and what my goals for certification are.  Also feel free to peruse my writing samples to get an idea of how I can help you.

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Melissa Cantlin Bell

Melissa Cantlin Bell

Melissa has been researching family histories for more than 24 years, with some knowledge of overseas records with a concentration in the United States and is extremely proficient in record sets in Southeastern Pennsylvania. She has received her Certificate in Genealogy Research from Boston University. She completed Jill Morelli's Certification Discussion Group and Devon Noel Lee's Writing Course. She is currently in the midst of the 14-month peer review course, ProGen (54) as well as the National Genealogical Society's (NGS) America Genealogical Studies Course (AGS). She has taken countless mini seminars through genealogy conferences, attended Roots Tech 2019 in person and others online. She plans on applying for certification shortly after the current courses have been completed.

A wife and proud mother of two, Melissa is also a published writer and enjoys writing biographies for the families she researches. Her other talents/hobbies include being a DJ and MC, public speaking and creating crafts.

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